Is the site free?
Yes, using Scorecast is totally free.

Mobile apps are also available both for iPhone and Android phones:
  • a free version which allows to predict scores by viewing video ads.
  • a paid version which allows to predict scores without video ads.
Using the mobile app is not required: Scorecast site can be used to predict.
Is there a limit on the number of participants in a private competition?
No, there is no such limit. The display of the site is adjusted to take care of large competitions (standings paging for instance). The largest competition hosted more than 20,000 participants!
Why don't I see all the games including final rounds at the start of the competition?
On Scorecast, the rule is to predict scores only when we know for sure the opponents. Therefore, you have to wait for the end of the group phase to know the final rounds opponents and therefore be able to predict scores.
Do I have to predict all scores at once?
No, you can predict scores for the games you want. If you have validated your email and enabled the option, you will get email reminders when games occur in the next days for which you have not entered a prediction.
Until when can I update my predictions?
You can update any prediction until the game starts.
Why can't I see other participants predictions?
Other participants predictions are hidden until the game starts (including for your competition administrator). As soon as a game starts, the predictions of all participants become visible.
How are knock-out phase games handled?

You need to predict the score after extra-time (120 minutes for instance in the case of football). Then, two options are possible depending on how your administrator configured your competition:

  • Penalty shoot-out matters (default system): you need to predict the winner of the game and therefore the winner of the penalty shoot-out. If your team loses the penaly shoot-out, you score no point.
  • Penalty shoot-out does not matter: the system behaves just like for group phase games except the score taken into account is the one after 120 minutes and not 90. Your points do not depend on the winner of the penalty shoot-out.

To know how your administrator configured your competition, please check the table at the bottom of the Rules page of your competition.

I can't the option to enter the winner in case of a draw score.

Specifying a winner of a draw game is only required for knock-out rounds of the compeittion. Therefore, this is not the case during the group phase of the FIFA World Cup or EURO.

Moreover, the administrator of your competition may have configured it to ignore the penalty shoot-out (see previous question).

How much points will I earn for my predictions?
Please refer to the dedicated page for this tough question!
What does the "boldness bonus" work?
If the administrator of your competition has activated the option, your earned points can be doubled if you predict an unexpected result. This bonus applies if less than 20% of all Scorecast participants (and not only the ones of your competition) have predicted the right result.
How are participants ranked?
Participants are ranked based on the number of points awarded for their predictions. In case several participants have the same amount of points, they are decided between based on:
  • Number of predictions with the exact score of the game
  • Number of predictions with the right goal difference (if applicable)
  • Number of predictions with the right game winner
How does the handicap system work?
Handicap is managed by the administator of each competition. Please contact him to understand what are the rules he uses to assign those points.
What are those numbers below each team?
The numbers indicate the ranking of the team in the official standings of the competition: FIFA ranking for instance for international competitions, latest league table for country championships…
I started late in the competition and I am lagging behind in the standings. Is it worth keeping playing?
Yes! As we move forward in the competition, more points are awarded for each prediction. Thus, (almost) everyone keeps a chance to win the competition until the last game!
How I can upload a custom avatar?
This can only be done through the paid mobile apps.
As an administrator of a competition, I would like to award bonus points based on rules that do not exist on Scorecast. Can I do that?
You can use the "handicap" feature available in the Users tab of your administration screen. Points awarded will be added to the prediction points and taken into account for the standings.
I would like to change my username. How can I do this?

It is not currently possible to change your username. However, you can modify the name with which you appear in your competitions using the Options menu of your competitions.

If you still want to change your username, you have to close your account and recreate a new one (see next question).

How can I close my account?
Once signed in, go the Edit my account screen from the top menu.
My question is not answered here!
Do not hesitate to contact us : we'll do our best to answer ASAP!