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Scorecast manages different robots and automatically creates predictions for every game. The creator of every competition can sign-up the robots in its own competition.

Robots only play during the night so you must sign-up the robots at least 24 hours before the start of the competition so they have some time to forecast.

The following robots exist:

  • R2-D2: this robot randomly plays for each fixture. It does not care about the value of the competitors or the forecasted weather during the match or whatever. It just rolls dice to forecast the score. Do not make fun of him: it may get a better score than yours!
  • T-1000: this robot uses the competitor rankings to build its forecasts. Depending on the relative rankings of the competitors, T-1000 uses a super efficient algorithm made by Skynet himself to determine who will win the match and by what score. Surprise winners? No way!
  • ED-209: ED-209 has not yet recovered from the massive malfunction it suffered after it blew off its own arm. Although he is supposed to be using the same algorithm as T-1000, ED-209 gets it all wrong and constantly inverts the predictions it is supposed to cast. Cool looking? Sure. Functional? Hell no!
  • Robby: Robby is a very old robot and therefore uses very simple rules to forecast match results. In case of soccer, if the competitors are of equal value, then it will be a draw, otherwise the best team will win the match by 1 goal to 0. May sounds like a very naive approach but, hey this is sports after all!