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Scorecast en entreprise

The use of the Scorecast platform does not commit the Scorecast site and the people who use it. who work on the site on the success of your competition, particularly in relation to the availability of the platform. The responsibility of Scorecast and the people working on the site can in no case be committed in particular if the site were to be unavailable during a competition.
I would like to organise a forecasting competition in my company. !

No worries! The Scorecast team can help you to make your contest a success. by facilitating the registration of your employees and optimizing the participation rate. Indeed, in order for as many employees as possible to participate, registration must be simplified as much as possible in Scorecast as well as to your competition by following the steps below.

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What are the differences with standard competitions?

The Company competitions are hosted on a different server than the general public server, this is so as not to disrupt access to your contest during peak access times to the public server.

In addition, a number of features are available depending on the formula you choose :

  • Removal of advertising banners
  • Create user accounts from an XLS or CSV file
  • Personalization of your competition with your company's colours
  • Customizable content page to animate your competition
  • Entering additional information for user accounts (company, business contact, etc.)
  • Resetting scores in mid-competition
  • Team Ranking